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About Us

We Mango Infotech are an Information Technology Software solutions company located in Mumbai India.
We develop Business Management Solutions, it helps you our Customers to automate your business processes and manage them more efficiently.
We believe in long term partnership, our growth is based on our Customers growth.
By applying simple thinking, we address business world challenges that lead to successful IT system implementation.


All our Business Management Solutions listed below are ready to be used over the Internet Cloud on shared Resources or we can also host same on Internet Cloud Private resources or within your office premises accessible over the LAN. All our products are flexible, scalable, and secure.

Sales CRM
Purchase + Stores
Inventory for Traders
Inventory with conversion
Planning Production Control - PPC for Manufacturers
Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP for Manufacturers
Test Certificate - TC
Online Portals
Mobile Apps - Android + iOS
Customized Applications
Employee Desktop Monitoring
 Employee Desktop Monitoring 

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 Sales CRM 
 Primary Focus Account Receivable Payment Reminder / Follow-up Customer Pending Order List Communication Business Intelligence Performance Lead Follow-up Quote Follow-up
 Modules Sales Enquiry Sales Quotation Sales Order Sales Proforma Invoice Sales Invoice Sales Return Customer Payment Receipt Debit / Credit Note Discount
 Record any new transaction by entering following details i.e. customer, consignee, items, qty, rate, charges, taxes terms details, notes etc.
 Send documents to Customers in PDF format.
 Import data from previous document no need to re-enter the same saving time and minimizing human error. You many edit details in new doc as per your requirement. i.e. Import Convert Invoice directly from Quote (applicable for all docs), no need to re-enter the data, minimize human error, you may edit details like qty, rate, terms, other details as you want in Invoice.
  • Sales Order Confirmation from quote.
  • Performa Invoice from Sales Order Confirmation.
  • Invoice from Sales Order Confirmation / Sales Quote.
 You can also create fresh Invoice no need of Quote data to be entered or existing. I.e. no need to follow the whole cycle.
 Pending Order List (POL) - When you generate Sales Invoice referencing Sales Order system auto maintains POL. No need to maintain excel or write it in each Customer PO what is dispatched and how much is pending to be dispatched.
POL is maintained.
  • Item Wise.
  • Order Wise.
  • Customer Wise.
 You can also create fresh Quote, Order or Invoice no need of previous document data to be entered or existing.
 Record payment received, debit note credit note raised, discount given if any to from Customer.
 Complete customer data in one place.
 Maintain customer receipt pending in this. Generate payment reminder report at click of a button.
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 Purchase + Stores 
 Primary Focus Stock Pending PO Supplier Payment Dept wise Consumption
 Modules Purchase Enquiry Pur Quotation Pur Quotation Comparison Purchase Order (PO) Goods / Material Receipt Note (GRN - MRN) Purchase Invoice Purchase Return Debit / Credit Note Discount Material Requisition Purchase Indent Material Issued Stock Adjustment
  Record any new transaction by entering following details i.e. supplier, delivery, billing, items, qty, rate, charges, taxes terms details, notes etc.
 Complete Purchase Stores software with Stock.
 Create purchase enquiry, option to send same to multiple suppliers your enquiry will mention items, qty, delivery terms etc.
 Raise a Purchase Order (PO) directly from enquiry or a fresh one with all details. If referenced from Purchase Enquiry, Enquiry gets closed automatically.
 Record receipt of goods i.e. Goods Receipt Note (GRN) against Purchase Order (PO) directly from enquiry or a fresh one with all details. If referenced from PO, system automatically maintains pending PO list.
 Record single or multiple Purchase Invoices against single or multiple GRNs from same supplier. Payment is made against Purchase Invoice.
 Make Payment against Purchase Invoice, system will maintain pending Payment List.
 Material requisition module to record material as required by Department
 Material Issue module records issue of the material to Departments. It helps in maintaining department wise consumption history.
 Purchase Indent is a document raised by stores for requirement in Plant either by internal department or for Customers, management than decide whether to raise Enquiry or PO for quantity as required by stores or more or less.
 Supplier Quotation comparison mechanism. Issue of a single PO to Supplier for items selected in comparison.
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Following features are available in majority of our products


All our products have required masters for e.g. Company, Customer, Third Party, Transporter, Suppliers, Country, State, City, Unit, Currency, Tax & Charges, Tax & Charges Structure, Bank, Terms & Conditions, Sub status, Communication, Additional Terms, Employee, Department, Designation, Department Rights, Configuration etc...

Reports - MIS - Docs - Registers

All documents for Customer like Sales Quote, Invoice, Proforma Inovice, Account Statement, Payment Pending Reports etc... in PDF format.
All documents for Supplier like PO, PO Pending, GRN, Requisition, Purchase Enquiry in PDF formats
MIS in PDF and excel formats
More than 100 MIS reports.

Online or On Premise

Our products can be hosted online for you to access the same over the Internet anywhere anytime in the world. Same solution can also be hosted in your own office premises will be accessible over the LAN.

Browser Based

Software is accessible on all OS devices which support chromium based browsers. You can open and access the software from desktop, laptop, Mac, iPad, mobile phone.


Same software can be used to service from 1 no of user to N no of users, only hardware needs to scale upwards. If today you have opted only for few features or you will grow in future same software solution can be used, no need of reinvestment in product or training.


Our pricing is module based, pay for only modules which you will use, why to pay more for advance complex modules which you are not going to use in near future or never, if you require upgrade or add as Add On new modules whenever you want.

User - Department rights

Users will be able to see data or access only those Modules for which their Department has rights.

Simple - Easy to Use

It is the simplest product to make sales quotation, most simple product to make invoices, even illiterate computer savvy staff will be able to use same.


Accounting Software
Website for Builders
Sales CRM Software
CRM Software
Inventory software for Pipe Stockist
CRM for trader
Online CRM for Traders
Sales software for Traders
Production Software for Bar Manufacturers
Production software for Flanges and Fittings Manufaturers
Inventory software for Bar stockist
Production software for Fastener Manufaturers
Test Certicate Software
ERP for Bar Manufacturers
CRM software for Metal Tarders
Stock software for Pipe stockist
ERP for Pipe Manufacturers
ERP for Pipe and Tube Manufacturers


Ready to wear many hats, passion to learn and manage all aspects of IT company, jump on.


24*7 thinking

  • Microsoft SQL Server Express
  • Visual Studio 2015 Community
  • HTML 5, JavaScript, Bootstrap
  • Analytical, Logical
  • Team player, solutionist, trouble shooter
  • Code, Test, Deploy, Train... Repeat
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24*7 incentive accumulator

  • Active lead generator
  • Referral incentives
  • Customer acquisition capabilities
  • Consultants, Advisors, Influencer
  • Cross Marketer
  • Commission in AMC
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Referral Partners

Earn incentives for bringing us new business as you sell your own products, provide service or you are our satisfied client.

  • Referral incentive for signing up customers, lifelong commission in AMC.

    Our existing satisfied Clients / users gets discount in AMC for getting new referrals.

  • You should be active lead generator, have customer acquiring capabilities and market our products along with your products and service.

    • Our satisfied clients, our solution users
    • IT, management, marketing, networking consultants
    • Hardware, software vendors
    • Accountants and small business advisors
    • Web designers
    • Website owners with large membership bases
    • Venture capital and investment firms
    • Industry influencers focused on cloud computing or other vertical markets
    • Hosting companies and service providers

Mango Infotech

Cloud based simple software solutions for, forever evolving Businesses

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